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After more than six years in court that cost more than $6 million the Tarrant Regional Water District’s legal battle with the State of Oklahoma has ended.

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Water districts throughout North Texas are awaiting a U.S. Supreme Court decision that could be announced as early as this morning.

The one main well serving 112 customers in Barnhart, southwest of San Angelo, stopped pumping Tuesday night. The fire department says there's enough water for fighting fires but taps have run dry.

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At this hour Gov. Rick Perry is signing House Bill 4 which  creates a $2 billion state fund to finance new water projects.  Voters in November will have the final say on whether to approve the fund. 

Late yesterday Perry convened a special session of the legislature almost immediately after the regular session ended.  

He’s asking lawmakers to approved redistricting maps that have been tied up in the courts.


It may be raining this week, but the Tarrant Regional Water District is planning ahead for a dry summer.

It has notified its client cities and providers that it will begin Stage One watering restrictions on June 3.

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There’s often been tension between Texas and Oklahoma. A dispute over the state boundary line dates back nearly 200 years.  And for more than a century Texas and OU football teams have clashed in the Red River Rivalry. Tuesday, the latest skirmish goes before the U.S. Supreme Court when the State of Oklahoma and the Tarrant Regional Water District in Fort Worth argue over water rights.

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A Texas environmental group wants state lawmakers to spend more on water conservation programs as a key way to ensure the state has enough water for a growing population. 

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UPDATE, 2 p.m.

The U.S. Supreme Court says it will hear hear the Tarrant Regional Water District's case to let it divert and use Oklahoma water.  The water district's general manager, Jim Oliver, says, "We expect the Supreme Court’s decision will bring finality to the legal issues that have precluded us from addressing regional water needs due to the growing population in the Metroplex."

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The Sierra Club says one seemingly simple effort could greatly help North Texas meet water conservation goals. 

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Twice-a-week watering is now a permanent part of lawn and landscape care in Dallas.

The mayors of Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and Irving are launching a campaign for twice-a-week watering across the DFW region. KERA’s BJ Austin reports.

Right now Fort Worth bans new deepwater wells used to dispose of contaminated water from gas drilling.  But Tuesday night the city council could lift the moratorium and allow more wells within the city limits. 

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Supreme Court Justices today kept alive a Tarrant Regional Water District lawsuit seeking the right to import water from Oklahoma.

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In 2011, Texas endured the worst single-year drought in its history. Now the state has to make some hard choices about how to prepare for future droughts and water shortages as its population and water demand grows. Learn about the drought’s progression and its impact on the state, explore the pros and cons of the policy decisions that need to be made and share your stories at Tracking The Texas Drought, from NPR's State Impact initiative.

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Supreme Court Justices today will decide whether to hear a case that could affect the water supply in North Texas. KERA’s Shelley Kofler says a decision on importing Oklahoma water has implications for states across the country.

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North Texas is bracing for its first big severe weather event this spring.

The Frank Crowley Criminal Courts Building is closed to the public until Monday. A water main break in an electrical room flooded the first floor and knocked out all elevators and escalators.

Biologists have found the DNA of invasive zebra mussels in six additional Texas lakes. That doesn’t mean the mussels are there, but KERA’s Shelley Kofler reports the discovery has heightened concerns.

Right now Texoma is the only Texas lake known to be infested with zebra mussels and officials want to prevent their spreading.

That’s why biologists became concerned when they found zebra mussel DNA in six additional lakes: Eagle Mountain, Lewisville, Ray Roberts, Arrowhead, Bridgeport and Caddo.

Dallas TX – Two state constitutional amendments on the ballot next month deal with water, and how Texas can ensure there's enough of it as the population grows.

Amendment 8 encourages conservation by offering a property tax break to landowners who practice conservation techniques.

The Texas Sierra Club is backing Proposition 8. Jennifer Walker is the water resources specialist with the Lone Star Chapter.