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water restrictions

The drought has tested industries across Texas in the last few years -- and it's even had an impact on beer.

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Update 10 p.m. Tuesday: The Fort Worth City Council has delayed for one week a vote to permanently restrict outdoor watering to twice a week. 

Council member W. B. Zimmerman asked for the additional time to educate the public about proposed conservation plans.

Sal Espino, who represents District 2, was opposed to the delay. He said: "I would be in favor of moving forward with this ordinance, imperfect as it may seem to some, and then later changing it or tweaking, because we've already been doing twice per week watering."  

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North Texas cities depend on lakes for their water supply, so it’s falling lake levels and the annual slim prospect for rain over the summer driving the water-use restrictions.  

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A number of North Texas cities are tightening water restrictions over the next few days as the heat settles in and lake levels drop.


It may be raining this week, but the Tarrant Regional Water District is planning ahead for a dry summer.

It has notified its client cities and providers that it will begin Stage One watering restrictions on June 3.

Tornadoes raked the Dallas area Tuesday, crumbling a wing of a nursing home, peeling roofs from dozens of homes and spiraling big-rig trailers into the air like footballs. More than a dozen injuries were reported.

Overturned cars left streets unnavigable and flattened trucks clogged highway shoulders. Preliminary estimates were that six to 12 twisters had touched down in North Texas, senior National Weather Service meteorologist Eric Martello said. But firm numbers would only come after survey teams checked damage Wednesday, he said.

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The Dallas City Council gets a drought update today. KERA’s BJ Austin says part of that discussion is expected to be about selling water to those with slimmer resources.

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It looks like the drought is here to stay. KERA’s Jacqueline Fellows says as many as 50 cities and towns across North Texas may not be able to water lawns at all this summer.


Dallas water customers are under "Stage 1" drought restrictions effective today. KERA's BJ Austin reports.

Dallas Water Utilities' drought response coordinator Yvonne Dupre says the recent rains have not "cured" the drought.

Dupre: The climatologists, the meteorologists say we're going to begin another La Nina which means that we are probably going to be in for another summer like we had last year. And we're trying to get a handle on it now because if it gets worse, the restrictions are going to become worse also.