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Waste Control Specialists

Feds Sue To Block Acquisition Of Dallas Radioactive Waste Company

Nov 19, 2016
David Bowser for The Texas Tribune

The U.S. Justice Department is suing to block a Salt Lake City-based company's acquisition of Waste Control Specialists, the Dallas-based company that wants to expand the nuclear waste dump it operates in West Texas.

West Texas Site Wants Nation's Spent Nuclear Fuel

Feb 11, 2015
David Bowser / The Texas Tribune

Texas’ only radioactive waste dump wants to open its gates to tens of thousands of metric tons of spent nuclear reactor fuel now scattered across the country.

drp / (cc) flickr

Fort Worth State Representative Lon Burnam wants state officials to stop new nuclear waste shipments to a West Texas dump site. He says Waste Control Specialists, a Dallas company, wants to bring in truckloads as soon as next Monday.