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On Texas Ag Chief Sid Miller's Facebook, Fake News Flows Freely

Dec 3, 2016
Todd Wiseman / The Texas Tribune

Thousands of Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller's followers on social media might believe that terrorists are — in his words —preparing "for their jihad against the state and our nation” from a training compound outside of Houston.

Hady Mawajdeh / KERA News

The top local stories this afternoon from KERA News:

The cigar box guitar was an invention of poor musicians during the mid-1800s, but recently there’s been a renaissance. Art&Seek’s Hady Mawajdeh talks with historians, musicians and makers of cigar box guitars to learn about the instrument.

Kenny Tong / Shutterstock.com

On Friday, a state district judge ruled that members of the troubled Dallas Police and Fire Pension Fund can vote on proposed benefit cuts. Some firefighters and police officers had filed a lawsuit in part to block members from voting on the cuts. The pension fund has been struggling – and some worry it could ultimately bankrupt the city.

Billions In Pension Shortfalls Threatening Texas Cities' Budgets

Dec 2, 2016
Illustration by Todd Wiseman / Vittorio Ferrari / Texas Tribune

The state’s largest cities face tens of billions of dollars in unfunded liabilities to employee pension funds, a series of separate financial situations that is spurring massive account withdrawals, ongoing lawsuits, mounting political friction and national media attention.

Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

A board of lawmakers has given final approval for $150 million in funding to help pull the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services out of its crisis mode — but there are strings attached. 

Fort Worth Police Department / YouTube

Stormtroopers have tried multiple times to join the Fort Worth Police Department, but they're just not cutting it.  


The top local stories this morning from KERA News: A decision’s expected today in a lawsuit concerning the troubled Dallas Police and Fire Pension fund. Plaintiffs in the suit claim the 12-member pension board operates in violation of State law. The State created the board with seven trustees.

Lara Solt / KERA News special contributor

Five stories that have North Texas talking: The man hosting Richard Spencer at Texas A&M has been inviting such guests for years; the EPA says four Dallas-owned power plants need to reduce pollution; a 53-pound turtle was rescued from a drainage pipe; and more.

Stunned. That's how Bob Schieffer, the retired CBS newsman with deep Texas roots, reacted on Election Night. He, like much of America, didn't think Donald Trump had much of a chance against Hillary Clinton. He, like much of America, was wrong.

Lawmakers On Board With Emergency Funding For Child Protection

Dec 1, 2016
Bob Daemmrich / The Texas Tribune

Texas lawmakers said Thursday they're willing to give $150 million in emergency funding to the embattled Department of Family and Protective Services to help the agency begin addressing gaps in its ability to protect vulnerable and abused children.