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3:45 pm
Thu April 24, 2014

Developers Are Suspending Efforts To Build Controversial White Rock Lake Restaurant

Restaurant developers want to use 2.5 acres at White Rock Lake's Boy Scout Hill for their restaurant. The grassy open space includes native, blackland prairie.
Shelley Kofler KERA News

A spokesperson for developers Lyle Burgin and Rick Kopf says they have decided to suspend their efforts to build a restaurant on Boy Scout Hill in Dallas' White Rock Lake Park.

The announcement follows a raucous meeting Tuesday night with 500 vocal opponents, most of whom live near the park.  Many objected to giving up two-and-a half acres of open space and native blackland prairie for a moderately upscale restaurant and 160 parking spots.

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Texas News
10:53 pm
Wed April 23, 2014

Residents Opposed To White Rock Lake Restaurant Proposal Unload On Developers

Opponents to a restaurant near White Rock Lake wore green ribbons and held up cards with a thumbs down image.
Shelley Kofler KERA News

Residents near Dallas’ White Rock Lake unloaded on developers Tuesday night as they pitched their plan for building a restaurant in the park at a location known as Boy Scout Hill.

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Texas News
2:23 pm
Tue April 22, 2014

Developers Hope To Counter Strong Opposition To White Rock Lake Restaurant Plan

Stephen Ingrum, a homeowner near White Rock Lake, opposes the construction of a restaurant in the park.
Shelley Kofler KERA News

A standing-room only crowd is expected Tuesday night when developers try to sell East Dallas residents on their plan to build a restaurant in White Rock Lake Park. So far, opposition from those living near the lake has been loud and far outweighs any visible community support.

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Texas News
6:51 pm
Mon April 21, 2014

Bill Blair Jr., Dallas Newspaper Publisher And Former Negro Leagues Pitcher, Dies At 92

William "Bill" Blair Jr. posed in front of the Dallas skyline.
Winsor Barbee The Marketing Collaborative

A Negro Leagues pitcher who started Dallas’ first black weekly in the late 1940s has died. William “Bill” Blair Jr., was an athlete, a newspaper publisher, and a civil rights activist. He was 92.

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Texas News
7:16 pm
Sun April 20, 2014

With New Cottages, Dallas' Homeless Getting Keys To A Better Future

John Rhodes, 59, is homeless but recently found shelter at Austin Street Center in Dallas.
Stella M. Chávez KERA News

Chronic homelessness can seem unsolvable. People bounce around from the street to jail to hospitals and back to the street. On Thursday, ground was broken on an $8 million effort to stop that cycle in southern Dallas. It's called the Cottages at Hickory Crossing.

The KERA radio story

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Texas News
11:01 am
Thu April 17, 2014

Marking The One-Year Anniversary Of The West Explosion

Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of the fertilizer plant explosion in West.
Joe Berti

Thursday marks the one-year anniversary of the day when West, Texas, changed forever. A massive explosion at a fertilizer plant rocked the small town in McLennan County, killing 15 people, including 12 volunteer firefighters, and injuring more than 200.

A memorial service, called West 4-17 Forever Forward, takes place at 7:30 p.m. at the West Fair and Rodeo Grounds. A moment of silence will be observed at 7:51 p.m., marking the time of the explosion.

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Texas News
8:19 pm
Wed April 16, 2014

South Korea Ferry Disaster Sends Shock Waves All The Way To North Texas

Minjung Kim, a radio host at Dallas Korean Radio, says the whole nation of Korea is in shock.
Doualy Xaykaothao KERA News

The ferry that sank off the Korean peninsula is sending shock waves all the way to North Texas.

Minjung Kim got word of the ship sinking overnight, and immediately went to work, getting the latest details for her broadcast on Dallas Korean Radio, AM 730.

The KERA Radio Story.

“Especially the fact that most of the passengers were young high school kids makes this tragedy even more painful,” Kim told KERA. “The whole nation of Korea is in shock.”

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Texas News
12:03 pm
Wed April 16, 2014

Dallas Is The Worst Outdoor City In America, Outside Magazine Declares

Message to Outside magazine, which declares Dallas is the worst outdoor city in the country: Dallas can certainly be outdoorsy. Ever been to White Rock Lake?
Laurie L. Snidow Shutterstock.com

Dallas isn’t outdoorsy, Outside magazine says. It calls Dallas “outdoor-challenged.” In fact, the magazine has declared that Dallas is the worst outdoor city in the country.

Outside surveyed the 50 biggest cities in the country. So how did the magazine crunch the numbers?

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Texas News
11:10 pm
Tue April 15, 2014

UT-Austin To Pluck Maroon Bluebonnets, But Flower Creator Says It's No Prank

In this undated photo, maroon bluebonnets were mixed in with more traditional bluebonnets near the Texas Capitol.
Texas A&M Aggie Horticulture

There’s another twist in the scandal that should be known as Bluebonnet-gate. Or maybe we should call it Maroonbonnet-gate?

That’s not exactly the color of choice for University of Texas Longhorns. So when maroon-and-white bluebonnets began sprouting in the shadow of the UT Tower this spring, the burnt-orange brigades saw red. Accusations flew.

Two Texas A&M horticulturists developed a maroon bluebonnet, but one told KERA he doesn’t think the UT version is the real thing.

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Bluebonnet Bonanza
6:32 pm
Tue April 15, 2014

15 Amazing Things You Should Know About Texas Bluebonnets

A classic Texas springtime scene: A field of beautiful bluebonnets.
Richard A McMillin shutterstock.com/gallery-1034824p1.html

It’s time for the bluebonnet bonanza.

For just a few sweet weeks across North Texas, bluebonnets are in bloom. But act fast: They don’t last long. They’re about to peak across the metro area. (You have until Easter weekend to catch the peak.) But the flowers should last through the end of April – and perhaps into early May if we’re lucky.

Texans have long been fascinated by bluebonnets. Join us as we travel virtually through the bluebonnets – you might just learn something new about Texas’ favorite flower.

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