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ProPublica writer Theodoric Meyer says the Joint Strike Fighter being built in Fort Worth is by far the most expensive military project underway, but is unlikely to be wacked hard by sequestration cuts. In a February briefing on sequestration, the White House singled out the Joint Strike Fighter saying the Navy would “reduce procurement” of the plane. Lockheed, with some 17,000 employees in Fort Worth, told KERA: “Until sequestration is permanently eliminated, there will be an overhang on our industry that stifles investment in plants, equipment, people, and future research and development.”

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The federal budget cuts under sequestration, effective March 1, will shut down control towers at a number of smaller North Texas airports.  That means pilots will be directing traffic on the runways.

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Texas agencies and programs that receive federal money are bracing for the automatic budget cuts that could begin Friday.

A White House analysis of how the so-called sequestration would affect each state indicates education, defense, and public health programs would be hit the hardest.

Texas Braces For Federal Cuts

Feb 21, 2013
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If Congress doesn’t come to an agreement on the budget before the end of the month, Texas is going to feel the pain. The so-called sequestration – the series of mandatory, across-the-board spending cuts – will hit federally funded programs in Texas particularly hard in the areas of health, defense and education.  

Josh Hinkle of KXAN in Austin outlines how sequestration would affect you:

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz is offering no apologies for being an outspoken Washington newcomer who aggressively grills cabinet nominees. 

During a stop in Dallas Wednesday he said he hasn’t changed his style since being elected, and doesn’t plan to.