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Is Apple’s design getting worse without Steve Jobs?

Feb 8, 2016
Macbook Air. Photo by Björn Olsson/flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

For years, Apple has enjoyed a reputation for creating products that are both beautiful and easy-to-use, no manual necessary. Now one of the company’s own alums, usability consultant Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini, says that reputation might not be warranted anymore.

“Three or four years ago we began to see that that something was falling out from Apple,” says Tognazzina, who had founded the Apple Human Interface Group. 

How music can affect your sense of taste

Feb 8, 2016
Samrang Pring/Reuters

Eating engages all of the senses. Including hearing.

But did you know that sound can enhance your meal? Dan Pashman, host of WNYC’s The Sporkful podcast, says the way food sounds has a huge effect on how much we enjoy it. 

Courtesy of JOIDES Resolution

Deep in the Indian Ocean, far off the southeast coast of South Africa, there is a drill digging its way into the ocean floor of the underwater Atlantis Bank. 

A team of scientists aboard the research vessel JOIDES Resolution has been operating the drill since December, and they’re hoping to eventually break through the Earth’s crust and bore down into the mantle.

“We're about a half mile down and drilling ahead,” says geologist Henry Dick, co-chief scientist of the expedition. 

The Problems Plaguing Election Polls

Feb 6, 2016