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Richie Butler

Year of Unity

St. Paul United Methodist Church is just a few blocks from where a gunman disrupted a peaceful rally in downtown Dallas last year. Richie Butler, pastor of St. Paul United Methodist Church, said some church members were part of that once-peaceful rally.

Krystina Martinez / KERA News

Nestled in the shiny heart of the Dallas Arts District is a throwback: St. Paul United Methodist Church. This icon of the African American community was born a century and a half ago and has just embraced a new leader – who doesn’t have the standard pastoral resume.

Richie Butler is a developer who’s closed more than a billion dollars’ worth of real estate deals. He founded a congregation called Union Cathedral, which just merged with St. Paul. And, he’s not even a Methodist. Butler sat down with KERA’s vice president of news, for this week’s Friday Conversation.