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After being rocked by more than 30 earthquakes in the last two months, a busload of North Texans headed to Austin this week. They spoke at a Texas Railroad Commission hearing, urging state officials to shut down two disposal wells, part of the oil and gas drilling business. The Parker County residents suspect those wells are playing a role in the swarm of quakes a half-hour northwest of Fort Worth. One of the group’s leaders, Reno Mayor Linda Stokes, is the subject of this week’s Friday Conversation.

Doualy Xaykaothao / KERA

Just 10 days after a contentious public hearing with state officials, residents in Reno and Azle gathered Monday night to try and make sense of the swarm of earthquakes that keep rocking their part of North Texas. The latest quake hit just hours before the public meeting.

Doualy Xaykaothao

The Railroad Commission of Texas has announced plans to hold a town hall meeting next week about the swarm of minor earthquakes in the Azle-Reno area.

But for now, residents might be reassured to know that geophysicists have placed a handful of small blue boxes, called NetQuake stations, inside homes, garages or schools along the Parker-Wise-Tarrant county line. The public can visit here to see ground movement in real time.