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Playboy Marfa

Dallas Contemporary/Facebook

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Playboy Marfa has settled in Dallas; today is runoff election day; Robert Gates tells KERA he doesn’t plan to end the ban on adult gay leaders in the Boy Scouts; and more:  

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: the sound of the season on your iPhone, a controversial sculpture is moving to Dallas, Garrison Keillor is in town, and more:

Matt Baker/mattybravo / Flickr

The controversial Playboy Marfa sculpture is headed to Dallas.

Dallas Contemporary confirmed on its Facebook page that the West Texas piece will debut in April.

Over the summer, Playboy installed a 40-foot sign with a neon-lit bunny on Highway 90. The state ordered Playboy to remove its sign. The Texas Department of Transportation said it’s considered an advertisement and can’t be placed by a U.S. highway.

informedmindstravel / Flickr

Prada Marfa might be doomed. No, there's no fancy store in Marfa. Instead, it's a roadside advertisement -- and Texas officials say it's illegal.

State transportation officials are pondering what to do about the iconic structure in West Texas, The Associated Press is reporting. Blame it on the Playboy bunny.