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Texas Tribune

State lawmakers can go into the final weekend stretch of their legislative session now that they’ve cleared a procedural deadline this week for considering bills.  

Ross Ramsey, executive editor of The Texas Tribune, talks about which bills did and did not make the cut.

Texas House Approves Open Carry Of Handguns

Apr 20, 2015
Texas Tribune

After turning back last-minute attempts to let city voters opt out, the Texas House gave final approval Monday to legislation allowing gun owners with concealed weapons licenses to carry their side arms openly.

Open Carry Wins Initial Approval In Texas House

Apr 20, 2015
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

Texas is well on its way to allowing the open carry of handguns in public places after House lawmakers took an initial step to approve it Friday.

Todd Wiseman / The Texas Tribune

Texas will be well on its way to allowing gun owners with concealed weapons permits to start carrying their handguns openly in public places if the state House approves key gun legislation Tuesday.

Texas Senate Approves Open Carry Of Handguns

Mar 16, 2015
Marjorie Kamys Cotera / Texas Tribune

A bill lifting some of the state's restrictions on handguns cleared the Texas Senate along a party line vote of 20 to 11 Monday.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

In an online video, a North Texas gun rights activist pushing for legislation allowing Texans to openly carry guns tells legislators that treason is "punishable by death."

Open Carry Survives In Texas Despite Its Supporters

Jan 29, 2015
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

A day after Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick came close to declaring legislation permitting the open carry of handguns dead on arrival, a deluge of angry calls and comments from gun rights activists appears to have resurrected it.

Activists Line Up To Support Openly Carrying Guns In Texas

Jan 15, 2015

Gun rights activists lined up at a press conference on Thursday to voice support for legislation that would allow Texans to openly carry handguns without a license.

Gun Rights Activists Cause Stir At Texas Capitol

Jan 13, 2015
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

An armed rally to protest gun laws saw about a dozen Second Amendment supporters toting rifles and antique revolvers in front of the Capitol gates throughout most of the 2015 legislative session's opening day.

Photo courtesy Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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