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Madrid Family

Lara Solt / KERA News Special Contributor

A third of North Texans are living without enough cushion to last more than a few months after a financial disruption. KERA’s series “One Crisis Away” put a face on asset poverty by chronicling four local families.

Elizabeth Madrid / Facebook

Twenty-five year old Isac Madrid, the Rockwall man featured in KERA's series One Crisis Away, died Thursday. He was 25.

He suffered from a rare disease that caused toxins to build up in his blood and attack his liver. Isac died from complications related to his second bone marrow transplant.

Dane Walters / KERA News

The Madrids look like a lot of families in North Texas; a married couple in their 20s with a young child and a house in Rockwall.  Then a health emergency turned their world upside down.

The Madrids are the first family we’re profiling in KERA’s new series One Crisis Away. A third of North Texans don’t have enough savings to cover a three month financial disruption, which means folks like the Madrids are living on the edge.