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Kathleen Hicks

Will voters want you back if you quit during your term in office?  Will they think you’re ineffective if don’t vote on big issues because of a family conflict? Those are two of the biggest questions in the Fort Worth District 8 council race between incumbent Kelly Allen Gray and the council member she replaced, Kathleen Hicks. 

District 8 Incumbent Council Member Kelly Allen Gray joined the Fort Worth City Council in July 2012 after winning a special election to complete the unexpired term of Kathleen Hicks. Hicks left the council after seven years to run in the 33rd District Congressional race.  Hicks is now trying to regain her council seat.

Underdogs of District 33 Persist

May 25, 2012
Dr. David Alameel Campaign

Marc Veasey and Domingo Garcia are the perceived frontrunners, but other contenders like Dr. David Alameel have become familiar to voters in the 33rd Congressional District.

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Dallas, TX – Fort Worth City Councilwoman Kathleen Hicks has announced her intention to run for one of the new congressional districts created under a redistricting map released today.

The federal court's map will temporarily override one drawn by Republicans in the state legislature. The judges created three new congressional districts dominated by minority voters.

Currently Eddie Bernice Johnson is the only minority representing North Texas in the U.S. House.