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Hood County Sheriff's Office

A 68-year-old man accused of veering his car into a motorcycle, injuring both of its riders, was arrested Monday on aggravated assault charges.

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Hood County Commissioners said today that two LGBT-themed library books for kids will stay on the shelves.

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A North Texas county will issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples even though the clerk in charge of such documents says it's against her beliefs.

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Three North Texas counties hit by tornadoes last week won’t get any federal help to clean up and rebuild.

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Hood County officials hope to know by the end of the week if the tornado-devastated Rancho Brazos neighborhood will qualify for federal assistance through FEMA.  Right now, the front line of relief is a large cadre of community volunteers. 

Regional Emergency Information Center

Residents of Rancho Brazos near Granbury will return to the neighborhood Saturday for the first time after Wednesday night’s devastating tornado.

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10:00 a.m.: Dallas Fire Rescue's Task Force 2 Search and Rescue worked overnight searching the rubble of the Rancho Brazos neighborhood ripped apart by one of several tornadoes that roared through North Texas. Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds says the rescue crew did not find any survivors or additional casualties. And he is hopeful the seven people still listed as missing are safe and will check in.

At 9:00 pm WFAA-TV is reporting helicopters are being requested to evacuate injured patients in the Lake Granbury area. KXAS-TV is reporting that in the Rancho Brazos subdivision along Lake Granbury a triage center has been set up to care for residents injured in the storm and school buses are being used to help transport injured people.