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Emily Bach / Facebook

Dallas Zoo staffers and fans are mourning, after a 3-month-old giraffe died in a freak accident.

The giraffe, named Kipenzi, was frolicking around her habitat Tuesday when she turned the wrong way and ran into a wall. She broke her neck and died almost instantly.

Dallas Zoo

Kipenzi, the giraffe calf whose live birth on Animal Planet made her a star, died last night.

Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo’s baby giraffe has a name: Kipenzi. And she’ll soon start appearing outdoors at the zoo.

Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo has announced three potential names for the baby giraffe that was born in front of a world-wide audience last week.

Animal Planet

We have some breaking news to report – of the baby giraffe variety. Katie, a Dallas Zoo giraffe, has given birth – and it’s being streamed live.

Fort Worth Zoo / Facebook

A new resident of the Fort Worth Zoo has a big heart and it's on her neck. The giraffe born Jan. 11 has drawn attention, with Saturday being Valentine's Day, for a particular marking.