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Five stories that have North Texas talking: Methane is on the rise, and you can partly blame Texas, several North Texans are accused of burning down an old plantation home in Louisiana, a chatty macaw has been found, and more.


Five stories that have North Texas talking: Dallas’ iconic green skyscraper lights up again, George W. Bush is scheduled to address a controversial group, a Dallas writer reflects on her dad’s connection to JFK, and more:


Five stories that have North Texas talking: An update on former President George W. Bush, President Obama to visit Dallas this week, exploring what the JFK assassination meant to Dallas, and more:


Five stories that have North Texas talking: Today is Sept. 11, a lawsuit has been filed by the family of the woman killed at Six Flags Over Texas, swearing on cable TV, and  more. 

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UDPATE:  Dick Hathaway of Rockwall heard the news about former president George W. Bush getting a stent to open a blocked artery as he began his tour of the Bush Presidential Center on the SMU campus.

"He's always riding his bike and exercising. I was shocked," Hathaway said. "I hope he's doing okay."

Matt Moss of Dallas stopped in for an early lunch at Cafe 43 inside the center.  

BJ Austin / KERA News

Former President George W. Bush welcomed 20 immigrants from 12 countries as U.S. citizens this morning, hailing the historic contributions of newcomers and calling for a "benevolent spirit" in the debate over immigration reform.

For the first time since 2005, when George W. Bush was in the Oval Office, the public's opinion of the former president is "more positive than negative," the pollsters at Gallup say.

Gallup says its latest polling shows:

-- 49 percent of those surveyed have a favorable opinion of the former president.

-- 46 percent have an unfavorable opinion of Bush.

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It was a unique moment in history today as our five living presidents came together at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. They were there for the dedication of George W. Bush’s Presidential Center. The ceremony marked by mutual respect and a couple of presidential one-liners.

George W. Bush Presidential Center

Final update, 11:40 a.m.: The dedication ceremony for the Bush Presidential Center at SMU wrapped up without any major incidents. The four other presidents who spoke praised George W. Bush for his service, citing examples such as his work in Africa and his response after 9-11.

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The live stream of the George W. Bush Presidential Center dedication has ended. We'll post archival video as soon as it is available.

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“Inside the Bush Center” is a half-hour preview of Thursday's George W. Bush Presidential Center dedication. Hosted by Shelley Kofler, guests include Bush Library and Museum Director Alan Lowe and former Undersecretary of State and Bush adviser Karen Hughes. 

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Two of the biggest names in the 2016 presidential derby are in Dallas today: Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor and brother of the ex-president, talked with the Dallas World Affairs Council. And Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State and first lady, will speak to a closed meeting of housing executives tonight.

Lauren Silverman

Almost three years after groundbreaking, and a few hundred million dollars later, the George W. Bush Presidential Center is finally complete. It’s full of artifacts – such as gifts from foreign leaders, Bush’s cowboy boots and baseball collection -- but the main attractions are interactive and high-tech.

Shelley Kofler / KERA News

This is an installment in the KERA News series "Inside the Bush Center."

After Thursday, Southern Methodist University will never be the same.  That’s because George W. Bush will dedicate his presidential library and museum built at the edge of the campus. To get an idea of how the Bush Center may affect North Texas in years to come, we visited Little Rock, Ark., where President Bill Clinton’s library opened nine years ago.

Courtesy George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

This is the third installment in the KERA News series "Inside the Bush Center."

The new George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas has thousands of artifacts on display. But it also has the largest collection of electronic records of any presidential library. That means hours and hours of video, 4 million photographs and 200 million emails. 

Dane Walters

This is the second installment in the KERA News series "Inside the Bush Center."

It’s one of the most mysterious rooms in the White House: The Situation Room. And the public has almost never seen it, save for a couple of snapshots from the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden. Now, that iconic room has been rebuilt in Dallas -- inside the new George W. Bush Presidential Center, which will be dedicated Thursday.

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This is the first installment in the KERA News series "Inside the Bush Center."

George W. Bush’s environmental legacy as president was decidedly mixed. He established the largest protected marine environment in American history – more than 100 million acres set aside in our Pacific territories. But he also permitted more mountaintop removal by mining companies. And he refused to sign the Kyoto protocols on global warming. Yet the George W. Bush Presidential Center on the campus of SMU is unequivocally eco-sensitive. The new center will be dedicated Thursday.

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Former President George W. Bush made a rare public speaking appearance today to champion immigration reform done “with a benevolent spirit.” 

The Fort Worth police crime lab will resume DNA testing a decade after questions were raised about whether its tests were valid.

For the eighth time, Parkland Hospital’s Trauma Center has passed a critical review by the American College of Surgeons. The recent survey reverified Parkland as a Level One trauma center, the highest classification.

The Texas House Public Education Committee heard testimony Tuesday about the impact of the state’s new standardized test on education. Whatever the word on the STAAR test, commentator Anne Foster wonders if it isn’t time to reconsider our approach to standardized testing overall.