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A new resident of the Fort Worth Zoo has a big heart and it's on her neck. The giraffe born Jan. 11 has drawn attention, with Saturday being Valentine's Day, for a particular marking.

Dallas Zoo

There’s been a baby boom at the Dallas and Fort Worth Zoos. Earlier this month, both zoos announced animal births -- that's on top of several other animals born in recent months.

Want to see some cute videos and pictures of these baby animals? You know you do.

Cheetahs and okapis and jaguars, oh my!

Fort Worth Zoo

Meet the newest resident of the Fort Worth Zoo – Sasha, a female jaguar cub.

She was born July 16, although zoo officials just announced her arrival last week. She weighed in at 2 pounds and began bonding with her mommy – Xochi.

Xochi is rather protective. After giving birth, she cared for Sasha in a private area that mimics natural jaguar behavior in the wild, zoo officials said.