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As you drive into the city of Van from the west, the mailbox is hard to miss. It says “Storms.”

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: there’s a flash flood watch for most of North Texas, the candidates for lieutenant governor take sides on Congress’ latest immigration bill, new photos of an old German war ship off the Texas coast, and more.

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Update, 4 p.m. Monday: As of 4 p.m., storms are moving through North Texas – and heavy rain is likely. The storms will make for a slick rush hour, and rain is forecasted for the evening.

Most of North Texas will see some rain, but the eastern half of the region will get the most. Expect 2 to 3 inches across parts of Dallas and Collin counties, as well as to the east and south of Dallas. There is a slight risk of severe storms -- large hail and strong winds are possible.

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Severe storms raced across North Texas Thursday afternoon, uprooting trees, flooding streets and cutting off power for tens of thousands.

Winds hit 70 mph at some points. For a few minutes, a tornado warning was in effect for Dallas County.

No significant injuries have been reported so far.

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Over the past century, we've managed to warm the Earth by more than a degree Fahrenheit with heat-trapping emissions. And sea levels hiked with the temperature - about eight inches, in fact. What will this ongoing trend mean for America's coastal cities, which had a taste of destruction during Superstorm Sandy? At noon on Think, we'll hear from science writer Tim Folger about how we could adopt and adapt ideas from the world's flood-endangered islands. He wrote the cover story "Rising Seas" for the September issue of National Geographic, in which these photos appear. 


Bumpy, rough streets and frequent flash flooding are city of Dallas priorities on Election Day next Tuesday. But, proponents of the 2012 bond package are worried voters may bail out of the ballot before the propositions at the bottom.

Weather service crews are assessing the damage from a Texas Panhandle storm that dumped several feet of nickel-sized hail on an area north of Amarillo, stranded motorists in muddy, hail drifts and closed a highway for several hours.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Justyn Jackson said Thursday that hail that fell amid a rainstorm the day before was real small but "there was a lot of it" in a concentrated area, accumulating 2- to 4-feet deep.