Suspensions Fall Out Of Favor For Texas Educators

Mar 24, 2015
Christina Ulsh / KERA News

Suspending rowdy students has long been a popular way for schools to keep order in their classrooms. New research shows that this punishment is counterproductive and is administered unequally to minorities and kids with disabilities.

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On Tuesday, Southern Methodist University announced the largest single gift in its history. The $45 million gift from the Meadows Foundation is going to the arts on campus.


When it comes to state by state education rankings, Texas often lands near the bottom. Yet, numbers released this week by the National Center for Education Statistics showed Texas at the top of the class in the graduation rates for black and Latino high school students.

Christina Ulsh

Four years ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics said no more energy drinks for adolescents. But anyone trying to keep kids away from drinks like Red Bull and Monster Energy is up against not just a $12 billion industry, but the appeal of something that many adults disapprove of. 

Dianna Douglas

The Dallas Independent School District was recently commended by the National Athletic Trainers Association and the Youth Sports Safety Alliance for putting athletic trainers at all 23 of its high schools over the last two years.

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Human trafficking refers to people who are forced into labor or sexual exploitation. And the issue hits close to home. The I-10 corridor through Houston is the number one trafficking route in the U.S. and some of the business reaches deep into North Texas. Last week, the public policy advocacy group Children at Risk led a tour of the seedier side of Dallas that’s the heart of the trafficking trade.

The Country's Best Bilingual Teacher Is In Dallas ISD

Mar 9, 2015
Dianna Douglas / KERA News

The national bilingual teacher of the year is in Dallas. Irma De La Guardia is a third grade teacher at Withers Elementary in Dallas ISD, and she jetted off to Las Vegas to pick up the honor last week from the National Association for Bilingual Education. 

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Today, March 7, marks the 50th anniversary of a bloody milestone in the Civil Rights Movement – when marchers in Selma, Alabama were attacked by police on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. On Friday, a busload from SMU began retracing the route a group of students, faculty and staff took a half century ago.

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Most North Texas school kids reveled in their third day off in the last two weeks Thursday -- with spring break coming for many next week. But those days off create headaches for districts trying to reschedule snow and ice days.

Dianna Douglas

Girls’ basketball teams from high schools across Texas are on their way to the state championships in San Antonio. Bryan Adams High School in Dallas earned a spot in the Final Four this year.