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BJ Austin, KERA

Just hours after an unconscious driver was pulled from the cold waters of Bachman Lake, Dallas Police Chief David Brown honored those who saved the man.

Mega License Centers Could Shorten Wait Times

Dec 19, 2012
David Chong / KERA News

The wait for your drivers license may actually be getting shorter. That’s what the Texas Department of Safety hopes to achieve with the first Drivers License megacenter in North Texas. Reporter David Chong explains how these mega-centers are using technology to help customers avoid long lines.

Texas already bans the use of cell phones for calls and texting for bus drivers and novice drivers (during the first 12 months). We ban hand-held cell phones and texting for all drivers in school zones. There’ve been calls to do more nationwide, but commentator Merrie Spaeth questions if it would really work.