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Downtown Dallas

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Hundreds of people gathered in Thanksgiving Square in downtown Dallas for an interfaith prayer service Friday.

Transforming Dallas Into Something Called A 'Smart City'

Nov 18, 2015

Efforts are underway to transform Dallas into a Smart City. That designation involves building an advanced network that can monitor everything from a city's energy consumption to when a garbage can needs to be changed. 

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Actor James Franco is in Dallas, shooting the miniseries “11/22/63,” which is based off a Stephen King novel of the same name. It’s about a time traveler who tries to stop President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. To keep the series authentic, the crew is filming in Dealey Plaza. And that means potential star sightings -- and traffic.

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For the past month, North Texans have been sharing the road with pink Cadillacs and downtown Dallas crosswalks have been thick with high heels.

The 41st annual Mary Kay seminar kicked off July 16. The company has its critics, but thousands of seminar attendees are singing a different tune. 

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Downtown Dallas doesn’t have a full-fledged university – it has three of them, all based at the Universities Center at Dallas. The biggest by far is a branch of Texas A&M Commerce.

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A free downtown Dallas shuttle service starts today. It’ll make stops at downtown attractions, as well as the Bishop Arts district in Oak Cliff.

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Downtown Dallas is getting a FREE shuttle to move visitors, residents and office workers to restaurants, convention meetings, and downtown attractions.  It’ll be running in time for the large crowds expected for the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination.

Are the lights at night too big and bright across downtown Dallas? Dallas Morning News architecture critic Mark Lamster and KERA's Jerome Weeks discussed the issue on Think at noon today on KERA-FM, 90.1.

Jerome produced a report about new lighting for a downtown landmark: The Bank of America Plaza became an icon because of its green, argon lighting. But in July that glowing outline of the 72-story-tall skyscraper went dark for a major renovation.

A nine-story building near Griffin and Elm Streets in downtown Dallas caught fire shortly before noon which resulted in suspended DART service. The fire sparked on the fifth floor of a vacant high-rise being converted into a hotel. Reports are that no one was injured.