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Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick recently released his top 10 priorities for the 2017 legislative session. And now with several hundred bills filed, we have some glimpses of how he plans to meet his goals.

As First Bills Are Filed, Battle Lines For 2017 Session Begin To Emerge

Nov 14, 2016
Bob Daemmrich / The Texas Tribune

On the first day lawmakers could file bills for consideration during the 2017 session, leaders from both parties began drawing battle lines for fights over taxation, immigration and social issues that will likely dominate the upcoming meeting of the Texas Legislature. 

Eight Texas Republicans Who Could Serve In Trump's Washington

Nov 9, 2016
Todd Wiseman/Lucas Jackson (Reuters)/Bob Daemmrich

No sooner had Donald Trump shocked the political world by winning the presidency than Texas Republicans turned to a new discussion: How much influence will the Lone Star State have in the next White House?

Abbott, Patrick Disagree On Special Session For School Funding

Oct 31, 2016
Marjorie Kamys Cotera / The Texas Tribune

Days after Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick suggested that Gov. Greg Abbott call a 30-day special session to overhaul the state's school funding system, Abbott said Monday that no such special session was needed.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Doubles Down On School Choice Fight

Oct 21, 2016
Laura Buckman / Texas Tribune

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick doubled down Thursday on his push for private school choice legislation next session, vowing to fight for however long it takes to pass it and applying pressure to a Texas House that has shown less appetite for it.

Dan Patrick Offers Faith-Based Plan To Ease Foster Care Crisis

Oct 17, 2016
Bob Daemmrich / The Texas Tribune

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick unveiled Monday an initiative for Texas faith-based communities to identify foster and adoptive families for children, the latest in attempts from state leaders to ease a backlog of thousands of endangered kids searching for homes.

Dan Patrick: Donald Trump Groping Scandal 'In The Rearview Mirror'

Oct 13, 2016
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

Amid a wave of reports of women alleging Donald Trump kissed or groped them without their consent, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick maintained Thursday that the Republican presidential nominee has effectively pushed the issue behind him.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says nearly 60,000 law enforcement officers are being outfitted with substandard equipment.  Patrick is pushing for an upgrade that he says will save police officers' lives.

State Leaders Order Child Protective Services Overhaul

Oct 12, 2016
The Texas Tribune

Gov. Greg Abbott and other state leaders ordered the Department of Family and Protective Services Wednesday to ramp up efforts to protect endangered foster children and curb the backlog of ones waiting for homes.

Dan Patrick Warns Ted Cruz Will Be Left Behind For Not Endorsing Trump

Sep 19, 2016
Marjorie Kamys Cotera / The Texas Tribune

Speaking on The Laura Ingraham Show on Monday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick warned U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz will be left "in the rearview mirror of the Republican Party" if he doesn't endorse Donald Trump.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Named Trump's Texas Chairman

Sep 16, 2016
Bob Daemmrich / The Texas Tribune

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is taking an official role with the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, serving as his Texas state chairman.

Robert Hart / Texas Tribune

Texas is taking the Obama administration to court again on Friday. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is asking a federal judge in Fort Worth to temporarily block federal rules that would let transgender kids use the bathroom or locker room that matches their gender identity. The Obama administration says Texas is jumping the gun.

Five Things to Watch At the GOP National Convention

Jul 18, 2016
The Texas Tribune

Two months ago, Texas Republicans gathered in Dallas for a state convention at which many still felt conflicted about their presumptive presidential nominee, Donald Trump. As they pack their bags for the national convention, an ambivalence still lingers over the Texas GOP.

bill zeeble / KERA News

The Orlando shootings have brought another layer of pain to transgender kids and their families. We hear from several of them about how they’re coping - and how the rise of the Texas bathroom issue has complicated their lives.

Texas Colleges Staying Out of Bathroom Battles for Now

Jun 13, 2016
Laura Buckman / Texas Tribune

At the University of Houston, transgender students can enroll in voice feminization or masculinization clinics. At the University of Texas at Austin, students can write a simple letter to change how their gender is listed in school records. And many colleges in the state have maps on their websites showing the locations of dozens of on-campus gender-neutral bathrooms.


Houston Chronicle / Twitter

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick deleted “man reaps what he sows” posts on Facebook and Twitter after Orlando shooting; a panel will decide today whether to scrap the STAAR exam; if you’re considering adopting a cat, now’s the time; and more.

Patrick Suggests Texas Legislature Might Step In On Bathroom Guidelines

May 31, 2016
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

Declaring that "this fight is just beginning," Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Tuesday escalated his battle against guidelines in Texas and across the country that allow students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. 

Christopher Connelly / KERA News

The school bathroom wars blew up Friday at the Texas Republican convention in Dallas. 

Chris Connelly / KERA News

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick made national headlines this week when he came to Fort Worth and said school superintendent Kent Scribner should resign. Scribner refused, and defended his decision to rework the district's rules for transgender students. Patrick, in Dallas for the state Republican convention, refuses to back down. On Thursday, he called Scribner "a dictator."

Video: Patrick Hopes For Fewer Barriers To Own Guns

Jan 4, 2016
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick called gun rights "an evolving issue" on national television Sunday morning, stating he hopes that one day all Americans can have a gun with minimal obstructions.

LM Otero / Associated Press

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick tells Texas Standard why there’s a need to improve positive relations between police officers and the public.

Texas Tribune

Gov. Greg Abbott got most of what he wanted out of his first legislative session as the state's chief executive.  However, not all Republicans share his enthusiasm.

Lt. Gov. Patrick: I'm Not Running Against Gov. Abbott In 2018

Jun 1, 2015
Marjorie Kamys Cotera / Texas Tribune

Immediately after a session in which rumors of a rift were prevalent, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick made a strong proclamation about his relationship with Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday.

Texas Senate Leaders Propose $4.6 Billion In Tax Breaks

Feb 24, 2015
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

Flanked by a dozen Republican senators, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Tuesday announced a slate of legislation he said would provide lasting tax relief to businesses and homeowners in Texas. 

Editor’s Note: This is an updated version of a story that originally ran in January 2013.

The Texas Legislature is just now getting into full swing. We're more than two months into the session, but you might notice that things have been relatively quiet so far when it comes to actual law-making.

And while it might seem like a slow start to the every-other-year meeting, actually, it’s all part of the plan.

In musical terms, each session has its own rhythm and tempo.

With Change In Procedure, Texas Senate Democrats Lose Clout

Jan 21, 2015
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

With a new lieutenant governor installed for the first time in over a decade Wednesday — and over the cries of Democrats — the Texas Senate voted to break from an almost 70-year tradition intended to encourage compromise among its 31 members.

Black Tie Gala Closes Out Texas Inaugural Festivities

Jan 21, 2015
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

A black tie ball capped a day of Texas inaugural festivities celebrating the state’s first new governor in 14 years that began with a prayer service at the First Baptist Church in downtown Austin.

Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick Take Oath Of Office

Jan 20, 2015
Bob Daemmrich / Texas Tribune

In a moment he called "highly improbable," Greg Abbott officially became the 48th governor of Texas in a ceremony on the south steps of the Texas Capitol on Tuesday. His wife, Cecilia Abbott, became the first Latina first lady of Texas.

Watch below: The Texas Tribune livestreamed the inauguration of Gov.-elect Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov.-elect Dan Patrick.

LM Otero / Associated Press

Incoming Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick vowed Thursday to keep even his most fiercely conservative promises, saying Texans are counting "on Republicans to lead."