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Dallas Zoo

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Cathy Burkey / Dallas Zoo

The baby boom at the Dallas Zoo continues, thanks to a new okapi.

Almasi, or “diamond” in Swahili, was born Aug. 14 after a 14-month gestation. The zoo announced the news today. She weighed 47 pounds at birth, and is now up to 190 pounds.

Dallas Zoo

More than 915,000 people visited the Dallas Zoo in the past year, an all-time attendance record for the fourth consecutive year.

During the zoo’s 125th year, visitor totals exceeded last year’s attendance by 46,166, or more than 5 percent. Attendance is based on the fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30.

Zoo officials credit the increase to several factors, including a recent baby boom.

Fort Worth Zoo

Meet the newest resident of the Fort Worth Zoo – Sasha, a female jaguar cub.

She was born July 16, although zoo officials just announced her arrival last week. She weighed in at 2 pounds and began bonding with her mommy – Xochi.

Xochi is rather protective. After giving birth, she cared for Sasha in a private area that mimics natural jaguar behavior in the wild, zoo officials said.

Dallas Zoo

For years, the Dallas Zoo has tried to play matchmaker with Patrick the gorilla.

But Patrick won’t be anyone’s close friend.

So the Western lowland gorilla is moving on to a new home in South Carolina.

Patrick has spent the past 18 years at the Dallas Zoo, but he doesn’t socialize. He prefers being by himself, zoo officials say.

Dallas Zoo

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Dallas Zoo

Meet the newest members of the Dallas Zoo family.

Winspear and Kamau, two male cheetah cubs, were born July 8. These are two cool cats. Look at the pictures -- they sure look sweet.

Winspear weighs about 8 pounds. (No word yet on whether his last name is Opera House.) Kamau is over 6 pounds.

They’ll have a furry friend at their side. Amani is an 8-week-old black Lab who will be raised with the cubs as a “calming playmate,” zoo officials say.

A Davis / Flickr

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Think the mall parking lots are going to be a zoo on Friday? Just check out the real thing today.

It’s Dollar Day at the Dallas Zoo.  Admission for everyone is $1. And that means a stampede of kids out of school, relatives in town for Thanksgiving and minivans trying to get off I-35E at the Marsalis exit.

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More than 1.5 million Texans could be removed from the state's list of registered voters if they fail to vote or update their records in consecutive federal elections.

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The Texas Association of Business has joined one of 5 lawsuits against the state arguing that Texas education funding is inadequate.

Kevin1086 / (cc) wikimedia

The Dallas Zoo is out of parking spaces. Zoo officials say the lots filled up an hour earlier than yesterday.

This is spring break, and both the Dallas and Fort Worth Zoos are expecting big crowds all week.

Dallas zoo-goers are urged to take DART. The light-rail Red Line stops at the Zoo’s front gate. And today, the Zoo is offering a ticket discount to DART passengers who show their same-day pass.

In Fort Worth, the special Safari Shuttle runs between the Intermodal Transit Center downtown and the Zoo every thirty minutes.

BJ Austin, KERA News

Lyndsay Knecht / KERA

KERA's BJ Austin ventured to the Dallas Zoo's newest exhibit to meet Kobi and Tekin, the only zoo-kept koalas  in Texas.