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Dallas Convention Center

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The storm and the disaster that followed reshaped New Orleans and had a dramatic impact to North Texas, and beyond.

About 26,000 evacuees made their way to Red Cross shelters near Dallas. The influx of people shocked the city.

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A convention billing itself as "the largest event in the U.S. devoted to love and sex” opened Friday at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. Before the end of the weekend, more than 15,000 people are expected to turn up at EXXXOTICA.

Some North Texas nonprofits wanted to shut it down.

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For the past month, North Texans have been sharing the road with pink Cadillacs and downtown Dallas crosswalks have been thick with high heels.

The 41st annual Mary Kay seminar kicked off July 16. The company has its critics, but thousands of seminar attendees are singing a different tune. 

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Hundreds of military veterans have taken over the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas for the National Wheelchair Games this week. Some are novices just out of rehab; others are Paralympians.

And at this competition, it’s all about the wheels.

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Fans of cutthroat competition, raucous crowds and full contact sports can find their dream event at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas this weekend. And it’s played on wheels.


Be Covered Texas, a statewide education and outreach initiative sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas, will be hosting a free community health event Oct. 26 at the Dallas Convention Center Arena. The fair, which runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. will provide educational information on the Affordable Care Act, free flue shots and other activities.

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The Dallas Convention Center is now the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.  The City Council approved the name change Wednesday to honor the former Texas Republican senator and Dallas resident.

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Dallas has kicked off a new branding campaign: Big Things Happen Here.  And tourism officials want everybody to get into the act.

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More than 1200 uninsured people have scheduled appointments for Saturday’s Dallas CARE Clinic. Organizers hope that first visit is just the beginning for those without coverage.

The new Omni Convention Center hotel in downtown Dallas is ready for its first really-big event. KERA's BJ Austin reports the first large convention attracted by the hotel opens Thursday.

Your gallery -- that is, your guest room -- awaits The City of Dallas’ new convention center hotel opens today. The City hopes the Omni Hotel will help the local economy. Good or bad, it’s already boosted North Texas artists’ bottom line. KERA’s Jerome Weeks reports the hotel displays more than 6,700 examples of their original artwork.