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Possible changes to Medicaid

11 hours ago

The Trump administration wants to overhaul more than just the Affordable Care Act — Medicaid is also on its list for reforms. White House officials are signaling their support for turning Medicaid, the health care program for poor and disabled people, into a block grant program with specific spending caps for states. That could mean big cuts to either state budgets, or Medicaid rolls — or both.

Kai Ryssdal

In the past, we've talked about how companies are making adjustments to get along with the new president. For some, a healthy relationship with the new administration isn't just about the president — but for his closest advisers too.

Remember Dippin' dots, the little flash-frozen balls of ice cream mixed with liquid nitrogen?

China bids to become global leader on free trade

12 hours ago

President Donald Trump officially backed out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership today, essentially scrapping his predecessor's most significant trade deal. In its place, Trump said he will institute an "America-first" policy, including renegotiating existing multilateral trade deals.

Corn farmers looking ahead with 'nervous anticipation'

13 hours ago
Kai Ryssdal and Robert Garrova

The president and his spokesman today talked about making changes to U.S. trade policy. Those changes will impact slices of the economy that you might not expect. Keith Alverson is a sixth generation corn farmer in Chester, South Dakota. He says that while he and other corn farmers are optimistic about the future, they have concerns over potential policy changes. He spoke with Marketplace Host Kai Ryssdal about how he views the new administration.

President Donald Trump says he can cut regulations by 75 percent

14 hours ago

Every new presidential administration starts with a flurry of activity and the Trump White House is proving no different in that regard.

President Donald Trump met with business leaders in the White House Monday morning – many of whom are from the manufacturing sector. Among them were Mark Fields of Ford Motor Company, Elon Musk of SpaceX, Michael Dell of Dell Technologies and representatives from Whirlpool, Lockheed Martin, Dow Chemical, and U.S. Steel, to name a few.

Britain seeks U.S. help on trade

14 hours ago
Sam Beard

British Prime Minister Theresa May will be the first foreign leader to meet President Trump since his inauguration when she arrives at the White House on Friday. The meeting is   providing a boost for May as she grapples with the monumental challenge of Brexit. Trump has applauded Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, talked about deepening the special relationship between the two countries and offered a free trade deal to help the UK on its way out of the EU.

01/23/2017: Trump's first day of work

16 hours ago

It's Donald Trump's first work day as president, and it was a busy one. He met with a number of business leaders to talk trade, and pledged to cut down on regulation by 75 percent. We'll look at what that means,get a farmer's take on the Trump administration and take a look at our trade relationships with China and the U.K.. Plus, a conversation with the CEO of Equinox. 

What the Equinox CEO knew about lifestyle branding before the rest of us

16 hours ago
Kai Ryssdal and Bridget Bodnar

When Harvey Spevak came on board at Equinox in 1998, the fitness company had a handful of clubs scattered across Manhattan. Today, they have almost 90 clubs scattered across the United States, with a location in Canada and another in the UK. With Spevak as CEO, Equinox acquired SoulCycle, an indoor cycling studio, and launched Blink, a no-frills gym franchise.

Spevak on what he knew about Equinox in 1998 that others:

Trump moving fast on first workday of GOP government

21 hours ago

It’s the first workday for the fully GOP-led government. President Trump and congressional leaders have big plans: tax cuts, spending cuts, health care reform … and there’s an entire White House cabinet waiting for confirmation by the Senate.

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Farmers pin hopes on Trump's choice for Ag Secretary

21 hours ago
Annie Baxter

Sonny Perdue, President Donald Trump's choice for secretary of agriculture, has deep ties to agriculture. Perdue is a former governor of Georgia, a state known for agricultural products including peaches, cotton and poultry. And agriculture has played a big part in Perdue's other professional pursuits.

“He's run businesses on farm inputs — fertilizer sales, for example. [He’s] also run a business basically set up to promote trade of agricultural products,” said Bob Young, chief economist at the American Farm Bureau Federation.