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Black History Month

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To celebrate Black History Month, the Texas State Historical Association has highlighted black Texans who made political, cultural and social strides for African Americans in the state and across the country.

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This Black History month, we're looking at artists, educators and leaders in North Texas who face challenges in their communities -- and the world outside them -- by creating something new. As a part of KERA Voices: Making Black History, they share stories of their work and lives.

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To mark Black History month, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center has opened a new museum inside its main building in southern Dallas.

Children in the community center’s Head Start program kicked off the event with a song from the civil rights movement:

“Come on over to the front of the bus ... I’ll be riding up there!”

It's hard to overstate what a crucial year 1963 proved to be. The Atlantic's In Focus blogger, Alan Taylor, takes a look back at 50 indelible photos of an indelible year. From the March on Washington to Vietnam. From Beatlemania to the crowning of "America's Junior Miss," 17-year-old Diane Sawyer. And, of course, those searing images from Nov. 22 and the days after, which transfixed a nation and haunted a city.

Dallas is mourning the loss, but remembering the legacy, of a man who helped give the local black community a voice.