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When It Comes To Food And Drink, Texas Is No. 2

Jul 14, 2014

If the states were ranked by food and drink, Texas would be in second place. And it is, at least according to Thrillist.

The list was compiled based on four key factors: what each state produced; iconic food items they were known for; beer, wine, and spirit production; and the local food and drink scene.

As expected, the Lone Star state was praised for its barbecue, although Thrillist was not impressed with North Texas’ take on our most revered delicacy. Tex-Mex, Texas chili, ballpark nachos, and beer production also contributed to the high ranking.

First place went to California, which boasts an ‘innovative’ food truck culture, fish tacos, and an impressive craft beer, wine and restaurant scene. We suppose producing half of the nation’s fruit, vegetables, and nuts would put California high on the list as well.