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What You Need To Know For Saturday's Municipal Elections

May 9, 2014

We’re two and a half weeks away from the May 27 statewide runoff, but there’s also an election Saturday. Dozens of local municipalities will be voting on mayors and city councils, taxes, school boards and bonds. In this week’s Friday Conversation, KERA’s vice president of news, Rick Holter talks with our political reporter, Shelley Kofler, about Saturday’s top races.

Interview Highlights: KERA's Shelley Kofler...

...on the importance of these county elections:

"They’re going to decide who will sit on local school boards and whether these school districts will be able to sell bonds -- in other words, borrow money – for things like new buildings or some specific new project. In Dallas the election of two school board members is especially important because if a majority of voters in the fall decide Dallas should become a home rule district, which we’ve heard a lot about, these board members will choose the people who basically design the new district."

...on the school bonds on the ballots in Frisco and Arlington: 

"The fast growing district of Frisco wants to sell $775 million in bonds. They say they need that to build schools, buy buses and buy land for schools.  Opponents are saying that’s just too much. There’s also an opposition group in Arlington that believes the district would incur too much debt if it sells $663 million in bonds.  Arlington would use that money to build schools, upgrade transportation and they also want to develop multipurpose activity centers." 

...on the Irving mayor’s race:

"...It’s quieter this year.  This is, of course, a repeat match-up between current Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne and former mayor Herbert Gears, who she defeated last time. This isn’t the big spending slug fest it was before. Gears has said his big issue is ending property taxes for seniors so that’s who he’s trying to woo in an effort to get his seat back."

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