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Watch Tonight: PRI's 'America Abroad' Hosts Keystone Town Hall

Sep 22, 2014

President Obama is expected to make a decision after mid-term elections on whether TransCanada's Keystone Pipeline can expand into parts of the United States. The expansion, if approved, would connect from Canada to Oklahoma. PRI’s “America Abroad” will host an international town hall tonight on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Audiences in Nebraska, Canada and everywhere in between will be able to talk to each other about how the oil sands industry and the building of the Keystone XL pipeline directly affect their lives.

StateImpact Texas explains how the pipeline expansion affects Texas.

The town hall will be co-hosted by Hari Sreenivasan of the PBS NewsHour and Donna McElligott of “Alberta at Noon” in Calgary. Watch the livestream here at 7 p.m. tonight:

To join the conversation on Twitter, follow the hashtag #KXLtownhall or comment on Facebook.