Watch This Cute Baby Otter Learn To Swim At The Dallas Zoo

Sep 4, 2014

We interrupt your day … to bring you video of a cute baby otter learning to swim.

Meet Tasanee. She's not an expert swimmer -- at least not yet. The Dallas Zoo explains on its YouTube page:

“Even a baby otter has to learn to swim. Our Asian small-clawed otter pup, Tasanee, plays with toys and a hose in a large tub in her indoor habitat, chirping all the while. Her mom, Daphne, teaches her to be sure the little one can navigate the deeper pool in the outdoor habitat.”

And with that, we present Tasanee ... 

You’re welcome.

Learn more about the otters

Tasanee, which means “beautiful view” in Thai, was born in January. The Dallas Zoo says she needed more than 100 days of care from her keepers since single otter pups usually don’t survive.

Tasanee’s mother, Daphne, became the oldest female otter in the national Species Survival Plan’s breeding population to give birth, the Dallas Zoo says. Daphne was almost 13 years old when Tasanee was born.