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Video: Netanyahu Addresses Congress

Mar 3, 2015

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress at 10 a.m. Central Tuesday. 

Here's more from PBS:

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Here's what NPR has to say about his address:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — a day after saying the U.S. and Israel agree that Iran should not have nuclear weapons but "disagree on the best way" to prevent that from happening — will outline to Congress what he sees as the threats posed by the Islamic republic.

His comments today come after President Obama told Reuters that a long-term deal with Iran is the best way to ensure the Islamic republic doesn't obtain a nuclear weapon, and that Netanyahu's speech to Congress — which came about without White House input — "isn't permanently destructive" to the U.S-Israeli relationship. Susan Rice, Obama's national security adviser, said last night that the Israeli leader's planned remarks had "injected a degree of partisanship" that is "destructive to the fabric of the relationship."