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Video: Fort Worth Water Gardens Marks Its 40th Anniversary

Oct 17, 2014

The Fort Worth Water Gardens turn 40 this weekend. The downtown park designed by architect Phillip Johnson was dedicated on Oct. 19, 1974.

Next weekend, KERA-TV will rebroadcast its documentary from the 10th anniversary. It's called Water Garden, and it airs Sunday, Oct. 26, at 9:30 p.m. on KERA-TV (Channel 13).

Or you can watch it right now:

Park history

The Cultural Landscape Foundation describes the park:

[The Water Gardens’] angular, polygonal forms of concrete, water, and vegetation shift and undulate across the park. The series of walkways, pools, terraces, and a central plaza create varied spaces that are both open, closed, sunken, raised, private, and public. The three main pools, celebrate different characteristics of water. 

The foundation says: “Motivated by Lady Bird Johnson’s civic beautification movement, the Amon Carter Foundation’s president, Ruth Carter Johnson, selected architect Philip Johnson, who had recently completed the Amon Carter Museum, to enhance several blocks of derelict property located in downtown Fort Worth.”

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