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UPDATE: Stranded Riders Rescued From State Fair’s "Stratosphere"

Oct 19, 2012

11:50pm update: The DPD sends word that everyone is safely back on the ground:

From the Dallas Police Department's Melinda Gutierrez:

"State Fair officials were able to lower the stratosphere ride. All 24 riders are safely on the ground. Riders have been reunited with their families and friends. State Fair officials have provided them with blankets and refreshments .... There have been no reported injuries. "

Original post: Dallas police say State Fair of Texas employees are manually lowering 24 riders stranded on the Stratosphere, a high-flying swing.

Dallas police say the ride lost power around 9 p.m. leaving riders stuck on the ride which is some 200 feet high. 

Police say they’ve been in contact with the riders and there are not aware of any injuries

Michigan-based McDonagh's Amusements, which owns the ride, calls it “the tallest portable swing in the world.”

The Minneapolis StarTribune reported similar problems with the Stratosphere operated at the Minnesota State Fair in August.  On at least two consecutive days riders were stranded onboard when the swing stopped unexpectedly, the paper said.