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Texas Republicans Prepare for March 4 Primary

Dallas, TX – Zeeble: Of the party's remaining top presidential candidates, only Texan Ron Paul garnered no support among these conservative Catholics. They were at a this Fat Tuesday thank-you dinner honoring their volunteer church work. Several say leading Republican John McCain is too moderate for them. That's why engineer Steve Suellentrop prefers Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Steve Suellentrop: Romney's been more consistent over his tenure as governor and for his reforms and how he manages public policy.

Zeeble; On the other hand, Andrew Harrop, raised in the United Kingdom and now a U.S. citizen, likes Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, saying he's more Republican than either Romney or McCain.

Andrew Harrop: More of his values are more of my values.

Zeeble: Voter John Lipscomb, for now, prefers Senator McCain.

John Lipscomb: Because he's been in the Senate for a while, and he's like a pretty honest guy. Experience counts.

Zeeble: While pundits say McCain may be hard to beat, for these Republican voters, this election remains the first contested presidential primary race in years. Bill Zeeble KERA news. Bzeeble@Kera.Org