Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott Will Need An Affidavit To Vote, Too

Oct 29, 2013

State Sen. Wendy Davis isn't the only governor's candidate who needs an affidavit to vote in the Nov. 5 election.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott will need one, too, Matt Hirsch, his campaign spokesman, told the San Antonio Express-News.

The newspaper reports that Abbott has a different name on his driver's license than what's on the voter rolls. Davis faced a similar issue on Monday when she voted early in Fort Worth.

On his license, Abbott's name is listed as Gregory Wayne Abbott, Hirsch told the Express-News. In the voter registration file, he’s Greg Abbott.

A new law being enforced for the first time requires a voter show a valid photo ID that includes the voter’s name exactly as it appears on the elections department’s registration list. A 2011 state legislative decision requires Texans to show valid photo IDs at the polls for the first time.

Abbott supports the voter ID measure. He plans to vote early for the Nov. 5 election, his spokesman said.