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As Storm Cleanup Continues, Many Still Lack Power

Oct 3, 2014

In Grayson County a Denison ISD teacher was hurt by lightning in yesterday’s storms but is expected to recover. Hers may have been the most serious injury, but more than 300,000 North Texans lost power. Many still don’t have any.

Oncor says crews went to work immediately to restore electricity after the storm slashed north Texas. Moving west to east, the severe system brought hail, rain, strong winds, and then moved on. Oncor’s Jeamy Molina, says it carried a powerful punch.

“This storm was pretty deceptive in that it was very short but really intense,” Molina said. “We were seeing straight line winds of over 90 mph that caused really extensive damage across north Texas.”  

Molina says repairs are continuing across the region and crews have been working non-stop even through the night.  Tree trimming companies branched out across neighborhoods to help clean up the mess. About 140,000 Oncor clients lack power.  And the damage is so vast, Molina says Oncor has asked for help.

“We’ve been talking to utilities from across the country to come down and help us and we’ve got eight utilities coming that are headed this way to help in the restoration process,” Molina said.

Oncor would not say how long it’ll take to fully restore service to those who still lack any.