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SMU Seismologists To Study Irving Earthquake Swarm

Jan 2, 2015

Seismologists from SMU plan to install equipment in Irving Monday after a recent rash of minor earthquakes around Highways 114 and 183 – near the old Texas Stadium site and the city’s only producing gas well.

Irving City Manager Chris Hillman says it was time to call in the experts.

“The frequency seems to have increased over the past month, month-and-a-half," Hillman says. "So therefore we’re asking the experts from SMU to come in and help assist. They’re going to be bringing in some additional equipment to help monitor and get more information if another earthquake were to occur.”

Hillman says SMU seismologists will update the city on the new monitoring and what to anticipate at the Jan. 15 City Council meeting. He expects the City Council chambers will be packed with northeast Irving residents who’ve felt the ground shaking a lot recently.

“We understand their questions," Hillman says. "And we understand their concerns. And the city is being very proactive in bringing in the folks that know and understand those issues to help give us the information that we need.  The well-being and safety of our residents in paramount."

There have been several small earthquakes over the past three months.

SMU experts are also monitoring activity in the Azle area, where there's been a swarm of quakes. The quakes in and near Azle are considered relatively small, but they’ve been large enough to cause damage and raise alarm. Both the mayors of Reno and Azle believe there is a link to the disposal wells from oil and gas drilling in the area.

An answer to what’s causing the earthquakes in Azle and Irving is not expected anytime soon. 

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