Residents of Rancho Brazos To Return To Tornado Ravaged Neighborhood Saturday

May 17, 2013

Residents of Rancho Brazos near Granbury will return to the neighborhood Saturday for the first time after Wednesday night’s devastating tornado.

Hood County officials say everyone is accounted for now, and the death toll remains at six. .

April Mitchell, director of Mission Granbury says donations of blankets, clothing, and other necessities are being accepted at a warehouse on Plaza East Court. That’s off Highway 377 and East Clifton. She says Mission Granbury also needs financial donations.  

“What I anticipate what we’re going to need besides items is financial backing for temporary housing,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell says those whose homes were wiped out by the tornado will need help to have a place to live once the Red Cross emergency shelters close.

Mitchell says recovery will be a struggle.   

“A lot of our people in need that we service regularly live in hat area. And they’re struggling daily to make ends meet," Mitchell said. "They’re going to need everything, just everything. They didn’t have a whole lot to begin with, and that’s what’s really upsetting to me.” 

Governor Perry toured the area Friday afternoon and called the devastation “almost incomprehensible.”

Saturday, Hood County holds a day-long disaster recovery informational meeting for victims.