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Parkland’s New CEO Meets The Public

Mar 17, 2014

Parkland introduced its new CEO on Monday – the first new CEO in thirty years. Dr. Fred Cerise previously headed Louisiana State University’s charity hospital system. This week, Parkland is inviting the public to meet the new CEO at a series of events hosted by Dallas County commissioners.

As the new CEO, Cerise says one of the most important things he can do is hear from the public.

“The purpose of the meetings will be for me to hear from the communities we serve, what are the priorities, what issues do they have with their services, he says, “So I can get my thinking organized as to how to approach this.”

Cerise already has a full to-do list. There’s finalizing plans to move into the new Parkland – the nation’s largest hospital construction project – and oversight of quality and safety standards after the hospital almost lost federal funds.

Cerise says managing such a large public safety net system will be a challenge because there are so many moving parts, but he believes Parkland is capable of leading the way on more efficient care.

“What’s here and different than a lot of places,” Cerise says, “Is just the breadth of experience and talent within Parkland itself and at UT Southwestern. So I do think there is the ability to really demonstrate innovations and how we can move the needle not only on quality and safety for Parkland but for other delivery systems for the rest of the country.”