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Oswald Oak Cliff Apartment Building Demolished

Jan 14, 2013

The Oak Cliff apartment building where Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife once lived is a pile of rubble.

A demolition crew took down the abandoned, two-story building on Elsbeth at Davis this morning after the city of Dallas declared it a public nuisance.

The demolition brought a crowd of onlookers with cameras. Many collected bricks as souvenirs. Jonathan Zizzo grabbed two.

“It’s just gonna be taken away from us.  It’s going to be missed I think by a lot of people interested in touring the city,” Zizzo said after sharing pictures of his bricks on Instagram.

Freda Dillard says she came from Lancaster to watch a piece of history die.

“It’s a small part of the assassination story, but still it’s a part of it.  Oswald and his wife did live here,” Dillard said.  

Lee Harvey and Marina Oswald moved out eight months before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Oswald was staying at a house in Irving at the time of the assassination. The so-called Paine house has been purchased by the city of Irving and restored.