Oldest Texan Dies At Age 114: ‘Tough Lady’ Decked Bulls, Adored Dresses, Loved Laundry

Oct 25, 2013

The oldest living Texan has died.

Naomi Conner, 114, died Oct. 18 in McGregor, near Waco.

Conner was born in August 1899. Family and friends chalked up her longevity to her active lifestyle, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported. When she was 113, she was folding laundry.

Just a few days before she died, she was in church at Roberson Chapel, the newspaper reported:

She participated in activities at the nursing home and could wheel herself around the building, even shortly before she died, they said. “She loved to go to the morning worship services and sitting in with the bingo,” granddaughter Bennie Henderson said. “She loved talking to everyone. Everyone knew her in the home, and she would greet them with a smile.”

Henderson told the Waco paper that her grandmother raised her own livestock. She could cut a hog’s throat and knock a bull out by hitting him between the eyes.

She preferred to walk instead of drive and she enjoyed dresses over pants.

“She was a tough lady,” Henderson said.

Her funeral was held on Friday morning.