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New Parkland Hospital Holds Dedication Ceremony

Mar 30, 2015

After nearly five years of construction, the new Parkland Hospital had its official dedication Monday.

Hundreds of community leaders, elected officials and donors joined Parkland staff for the private event, which took place in the new cafeteria.

U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, who is also a registered nurse, told the crowd Parkland is more than just the 2.5 million square foot building on Harry Hines Boulevard.

“Parkland is all over this community, with all kinds of programs supporting community groups to make sure quality care is delivered,” she said. “And you know the community health centers have been so good in making sure that patients get primary care [and] preventative information so they can learn to take care of themselves.”

The $1.3 billion hospital will start accepting patients in August. Before then, you can explore the new Parkland hospital here.

The $1.3 billion complex promises high-tech care inspired in part by Disney.


The on stage-off stage Disney philosophy at the new Parkland puts the sometimes noisy business of medical care behind the scenes -- along separate, parallel corridors and offices on each floor – away from patient rooms.

The idea borrowed from Disney creates calm and quiet hospital hallways.  No more clickety-clack of large hospital food trays or linen baskets. Hospital staff will also take separate elevators. There are 48 in the new Parkland, including two so-called megavators.

New Parkland construction chief Lou Saksen says they are larger and reserved for air-lifted patients.

“They’ll come down these elevators from the 18th  floor walk out here and go right over there to the trauma rooms. It’s 32 seconds from the 18th floor to this floor," Saksen says. "So this is a major improvement."

Open house April 11

Explore the new Parkland hospital at an open house from 9 a.m.-noon Saturday, April 11. You'll get behind-the-scenes tours of patient rooms, the labor and delivery area, and the emergency room. Learn more here.

Downtown Dallas goes purple

Downtown Dallas was lit up in purple over the weekend to honor the new hospital.