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Keith Pierce, A High School Teacher From Lewisville, Wins The 2016 Dallas Marathon

Dec 12, 2016

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Trump has reportedly chosen the first Texan for his Cabinet; The Humane Society of North Texas is taking in 400 wild horses; see photos of Texas life spanning four generations; and more.

Keith Pierce, a Denton Ryan High School teacher and track coach, won the 46th annual Dallas Marathon Sunday with a time of 2:29:27. WFAA reports: “He held a comfortable lead for most of the morning, running the race almost entirely on his own as the leader of the pack. His lead ballooned to as large as three minutes in the second half of the race.” Pierce is a three-time winner of Fort Worth's Cowtown Marathon. The 36-year-old Lewisville resident had taken a break from marathon running for the better part of four years to raise his triplets, who are now 5, according to WFAA.

Logan Sherman, the Dallas chiropractor who won last year’s marathon, finished second place in the men's full marathon with a time of 2:30:39. Half an hour later, Dallas native and New York resident Jordan Synder, won the women's full marathon with a time of 2:59:19, crushing her personal record. See full race results, including the half marathon. [WFAA]

  • Donald Trump has reportedly tapped Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson to be secretary of state. Tillerson has worked for the Irving-based company for more than four decades. He became chairman and CEO in 2006. NBC News reported Saturday that Tillerson had been chosen, but Trump’s team did not confirm it; they’re waiting until early this week, according to The Texas Tribune. At the beginning of Trump’s transition, it was speculated that several Texans could have a place in Trump’s Cabinet, but Tillerson's appointment would be the first. [The Texas Tribune]


  • The pilot of the deadly hot-air balloon crash near Lockhart had medical ailments and was prescribed numerous drugs that should have prevented him from flying. The National Transportation Safety Board was told during a hearing Friday that Alfred ‘Skip’ Nichols was using at least 10 different drugs at the time the balloon hit high-tension power lines before crashing into a pasture July 30, killing himself and 15 others, The Associated Press reports. A final NTSB report will be available early next year. [The Associated Press]


  • The Humane Society of North Texas is taking in hundreds of feral horses that roam Fort Polk in hopes of saving their lives. The organization is relocating nearly 400 horses from the Army post in Vernon Parish, Louisiana to its location in Decatur, The Associated Press reports. The Army announced in August it would remove the horses from training areas on and around the base, saying they presented a safety risk. The Town Talk reports the group has relocated about 50 horses so far and will take more groups over the next two years. [The Associated Press]
  • The Byrd Family Photo Collection housed at the University of North Texas contains nearly 400,000 negatives and prints spanning 120 years and four generations. Byrd Williams IV was the one to assemble it. Last month, UNT published Williams’ book “Proof: Photographs from Four Generations of a Texas Family.” It contains his selection of 193 photos and his reflections on the collection and the art of photography itself: “Photographs are amazing memory triggers. I can go back and hear dad’s voice. It’s like it’s right there.” Sit down with Williams and look through his family’s photos in the latest Artist Spotlight. [Art&Seek]