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GOP Committee Scoping Out Dallas For 2016 Convention

Jun 10, 2014

Dallas this week gets another chance to make its case for hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention.

After visits this month to the other three finalist cities, Denver, Cleveland and Kansas City, the RNC Site Selection Committee arrives in Dallas Wednesday for a three-day visit.

Phillip Jones, CEO of the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, thinks Denver is the city to beat because of its recent experience hosting the Democrats in 2008. Dallas last hosted a convention in 1984 when the GOP nominated Ronald Reagan. But  Jones says Dallas today has all the requirements needed for the "good delegate experience" the site selection committee wants.

Update: The Dallas Morning News reports that while there's "lots of potential," there are "huge logistical problems" with having events at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, said Enid Mickelsen, chairman of the Republican Party’s site selection committee. It's also too far from downtown Dallas hotels.