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Everyone Gets iPads In Nation's 2nd-Largest School System

Jun 19, 2013

Imagine a public school district that gives iPads to every single student. It's happening. And it's happening in the country's second-largest school system -- Los Angeles Unified School District.

Every students in Los Angeles will be receiving one of these. Some school districts in North Texas have their own version of a laptop or iPad distribution program.
Credit Sean MacEntee / Flickr

Board members Tuesday night approved a $30-million contract with Apple Inc. that would allow students in all of the district's 47 campuses to receive the popular tablets. The L.A. Times reports that the devices will cost the district $678 each and be pre-loaded with educational software.

So will any districts in North Texas follow suit? A few districts already give out tablets and laptops to some students.

Irving ISD, for example, has a one-t0-one program in which all of its high school students get laptops. All of the teachers there also get the devices. Irving's Press Secretary Billy Rudolph says the program's been in place for 12 years.

This past January in Lewisville, district officials launched an iPad pilot program at two middle schools and a high school. In the fall, students in fourth, seventh, ninth and 10th grades will have the opportunity to get iPads. The same pilot program will also include first graders at four elementary schools.

"It becomes their device for them to use at home. It's theirs to use in the classrooms," said Karen Permetti, public information officer for the Lewisville school district. "Basically, it becomes their personal device."

One caveat: Lewisville students, or their parents rather, have to pay insurance on the tablets before they can take them home.