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DISD Students Walk Out Over New Principal Policy

May 17, 2013

Dozens of Madison High School students in South Dallas walked out of class today. 

They joined some parents in protesting the possible firing of their principal, Marian Willard.  

They’re concerned Willard is among Dallas principals who would lose her job under Superintendent Mile Miles’ new performance plan for campus administrators.

“We don’t want her to leave. She is a great principal. She came to this school and turned it around when no one else could,” said student Monicea Barnes as she waved a sign that said “save our principal”

Superintendent Miles has said more effective principals are a key to improved learning in Dallas schools.  He is evaluating principals and says some may be asked to leave after this school year.

Miles’ critics say he hasn’t even been in the district a year and he’s not giving principals a chance to meet new standards.

It does not appear that any of the students were disciplined for leaving class.  DISD has not yet responded to questions about how the walk out was handled.