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Dig Deeper, Drivers: Tolls Going Up July 1

May 30, 2013

Drivers on North Texas toll roads will pay more starting July 1. Michael Rey, with the North Texas Tollway Authority says the 5.6 percent increase is part of a 2009 plan to raise rates every other year.

“It’s a way to keep things reasonable for travelers so they know what’s ahead; there aren’t big jumps in the toll rates," Rey explained. "These are incremental increases. For somebody who uses the toll roads for $40 a month, which I think is pretty representative, you’re talking about an extra $2.50 per month.”

The increase raises the rate nearly a penny to 16 cents a mile.

Rey says the NTTA does not get any tax money for road maintenance and operation. He says tolls pay for all of that.

He also reminds drivers they can save money with a toll tag.  Zip Cash users who get the bill in the mail pay 50 percent more.