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Dallas Safari Club May Cancel Its Black Rhino Hunt

Nov 17, 2014

Five stories that have North Texas talking: the Dallas Safari Club halt its black rhino hunt, North Texas lost a bid to host another Final Four championship, a dusting of snow came early for the region, and more.

The Dallas Safari Club may cancel its rhino hunt if a federal agency denies the winner’s request to bring back the dead animal as a trophy. Corey Knowlton bid $350,000 on the Club’s auction of a permit to hunt a black rhino in Namibia, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service haven’t approved his permit request to bring the animal back with him. Knowlton applied for the permit last spring, but he’s still waiting for a response. Agency spokesman Gavin Shire told the Dallas Morning News the delay is because of the rise in poaching.

If the permit is denied, the safari club plans to refund Knowlton's money. The rhino hunt has drawn a lot of ire, despite the club saying it will benefit conservation efforts. Knowlton received death threats after he successfully bid on the hunting permit.

  • Folks across the region woke up to a little snow. By ‘a little snow,’ we mean more of a dusting. Despite the flurries, it didn’t cause trouble for morning commuters. Jessie Moore with the National Weather Service told KERA the ground was too warm for the snow to stick. Although snow has come earlier in the season, it’s the first time North Texas has seen flurries on Nov. 16.
  • North Texas lost a bid to host another NCAA Final Four championship. The Division 1 Men’s Basketball Committee announced its next five championship games: 2017 in Phoenix, 2018 in San Antonio, 2019 in Minneapolis, 2020 in Atlanta and 2021 in Indianapolis. Dallas’ AT&T Stadium was one of the venues competing to host the tournament. However, all is not lost. The hosts of the women’s Final Four games is expected to be announced today. The American Airlines Center is competing to host that championship. [The Dallas Business Journal]
  • The state legislature will be busy when it opens up in January. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports on a slew of bills lawmakers have already filed to be considered for the 84th legislative session. Some notable bills from North Texas lawmakers includes a house bill allowing same-sex marriage in the state, another one eliminating red light cameras and a senate bill requiring Texans to be drug-free before applying for welfare.
  • Public affection for beef has waned, but the Texas Beef Council hopes to reverse that. The council is turning away from TV ads and is tailoring their message to younger consumers, who tend to want healthier food options. Beef producers will also have to contend with lower consumption levels. The Texas Tribune reports Americans eat about 54 pounds of beef per person each year, down from 65 pounds a year in 2007.