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Dallas Latinos Demand Do-Over On Redistricting

Dallas, TX – A group of Dallas Hispanics want the City Council to re-draw the redistricting map approved two weeks ago. KERA's BJ Austin says about 100 people took that demand to City Hall today.

The new election district boundaries provide six traditionally white majority districts, four African-American, and four Hispanic. But, activist Hector Flores said that doesn't compute when Latinos are 42% of the population.

Flores: The redistricting plan voted on 9-6 by the City Council is totally unacceptable by the Latino Community.

Longtime Hispanic activist Jesse Diaz had a message for Anglo council members.

Diaz: We're just asking them to do the right thing and give us the five Hispanic districts.

Council member Scott Griggs opposed the map. He says in order to re-do it, a council member who voted FOR the plan must ask to reconsider.

Griggs: I'm optimistic with this and other feedback that we're getting. I think it's a process that still needs more work.

Mayor Mike Rawlings says a do-over is not likely.

Rawlings: I think it's a momentous vote because of the first time we have a majority of the City Council will be minority.

But Hispanics say they won't be represented according to their numbers, and they will sue if the map is not re-drawn.

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