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Dallas County Judge Wants To Save Main Post Office

Mar 6, 2012

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins is trying to convince U.S. Postal Service executives to change their minds about closing the Main Post Office on I-30. KERA’s BJ Austin says the Judge took his case to Washington this week.

The Main Post Office distribution and processing operations are on the closure hit-list as the Postal Service looks for ways to save about five billion dollars a year.

Monday, Judge Clay Jenkins met with top Postal officials in Washington.

Jenkins: … to discuss what I believe is an ill-conceived plan that would close our Dallas processing and distribution center costing us ultimately over a thousand jobs: and more importantly, losing us a competitive advantage as we expand and track business because we wouldn’t have a destinating mail plan. I spoke to them about our concerns that Dallas would be the largest city and the largest county in America to have this happen.

Judge Jenkins says closing the Main Post Office would basically eliminate next day delivery from one Dallas address to another because most mail would go to Fort Worth to be processed then back to Dallas. He says that’s bad for business and bad for residents. The Judge says he’s not giving up.

Jenkins: I think they heard those concerns, and we’re going to continue to visit about that. That was my second visit with high ranking officials with the U.S. Postal Service in Washington.

The Postal Service says it could save more than 30 million dollars a year by closing the Dallas Main Post Office. No date for closure has been set.