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Dallas Artists: No Need To Define A City. Just Make One

Jan 30, 2013

Five stories that have North Texas talking: State of the Arts, immigration reform and wages, the education of 'Think' host Krys Boyd and more.

Many times, artists have the answers to questions the rest of us have exhausted ourselves trying to crack. Cities are figuring this out. And Dallas is getting there, too.  Kim Cadmus Owens, Lucia Simek, and Carlos Donjuan flexed their contributive wisdom at the Dallas Museum of Art during an eye-opening State of the Arts discussion.

They agreed that Dallas' identity crisis can be solved by doing -- and letting go of the vain desire to define what it is we're doing. "This thing that I think a lot of people in terms of Dallas, it's like, it's always on the verge. Something's gonna happen," Owens said. "You know what I realized? It's happening." See more video excerpts thanks to event partner Art&Seek.

  • How would the immigration reform lawmakers hope for end up affecting wages? Well, our economy has already adjusted to the immigrants who've been here for years, says Pia Orrenius, a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Ultimately, she says, we could see a boost in pay in the way of promotions resulting from more technically trained workers. [Marketplace]
  • If you're a Think listener, you know how host and managing editor Krys Boyd can helm conversations that challenge your perceptions. Well, a 19-year-old Krys had an experience early in her broadcast career that informed her desire to know the real truth about the world. She visited a men's federal correctional institution. Krys told KERA intern Janine Khammash all about it. [KEEP MIND-EXPANDING PUBLIC RADIO ALIVE]

  • ¬† A female Texas trooper will likely be dismissed after giving two Irving women a very public cavity search. Trooper Kelly Helleson didn't find any drugs in the search on the side of the highway, which was caught in video. A Dallas county grad jury will review the case. [Dallas Morning News]
  • ¬†Students who want that New York City internship but can't hang with the cost of living, be advised: Companies are starting to offer virtual internships, like the one this University of Texas student is completing from her dorm room. There's no sorting the mail -- but there's also no well-heeled holiday party. [NY Times]